Western Shipping Cadetship Program

Our Cadetship Program is custom-designed to shape young seafarers into the future officers of Western Shipping.

We employ Cadets from prestigious maritime academies and educational institutes and give them the world-class training they need to acquire the necessary education and skills to become successful marine officers and engineers.

Through the program, we provide Cadets with a comprehensive grounding for their work at sea, and for professional life within Western Shipping. They will gain theoretical and practical insight into many different areas of vessel operations, including:

  • maritime technology
  • navigation
  • safety
  • cargo operations
  • leadership
  • management
  • we ensure the Cadets get their STCW certificates on time. Advanced training follows to ensure they are competent on demanding ships such a tankers.

We also educate them in the core values and culture of Western Shipping, as well as providing a positive, inspiring atmosphere to support their professional development and personal growth. All officers onboard play an active role in the program, while our shore-based training team actively manages the process.

To apply, please contact [email protected]