We believe in holistic development. We are therefore focused on developing careers and retaining the developed talent. This requires training and monitoring both ashore, at our comprehensive and modern Training Center in Pasig City, Manila, as well as on board our vessels. Western Shipping  Manila Training Center We take education and training seriously and operate a Cadet training program, in collaboration with MAAP, Philippines. We operate a dedicated Training facility at Pasig City, Manila which offers over 30 specialised courses including Bridge/Engine Room and Liquid Cargo Simulators. See Western Shipping Maritime Training Center website for more details. The Schedule for next 3 months/course duration can be viewed on our Western Shipping Maritime Training Center Website. Our infrastructure and facilities:


Onboard Training

Ship owners and operators are today under constant pressure to demonstrate that their vessels are safe and manned by properly certified and trained crew. This has resulted in a growing demand for onboard training and retraining to ensure that continual emphasis is placed on verifying safe operations. We believe that onboard familiarisation, further routine onboard training, and assessing the level of emergency preparation of the crew, is extremely important.

WSP Superintendents and trainers routinely visit ships for this purpose. Possessing a wealth of information, which is imparted to the ship’s crew during the course of a voyage, these trainers are extremely effective in identifying any weak spots and putting measures in place to ensure effective plugging is done. These trainers conduct onboard training and drills in the following areas:

  • ECDIS training
  • Navigation/Collision Regulations Training
  • Ship specific safety issues
  • Gas detection equipment and calibration
  • UTI operation and maintenance training
  • Navigation and bridge equipment training
  • LSA/FFA drills
  • Emergency steering drills
  • Enclosed space entry drills
  • Oil spill drills
  • Anti-piracy drills

All WSP vessels are fitted with NVOD equipment. Ships are provided with a training schedule, which is regularly followed and monitored, to ensure the best in class training.