Technical management

We strive to provide safe, efficient and reliable technical management that meets all regulation standards. Technical Management encompasses all of the services that maximize the operational efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life. Service delivery is underpinned by a rigorous approach to safety, security and environmental protection. Our expert staffs utilize efficient operating systems based on latest technologies and resources available for both shore and ship based operations.

We deliver a range of technical services to ship owners in areas from dry docking supervision and pre-purchase inspections to new-building technical compliances and ship maintenance supervision, covering areas including:

  • Sale-purchase inspection
  • Marine accident investigation
  • Pre-vetting and pre-chartering
  • Navigation audits and safety audits
  • Management consultancy (on work procedures, analytical support)
  • Bunker survey
  • Repairs and Technical supervision
  • Overseeing dry dock repairs
  • Vessel Performance Monitoring
  • Vessel Inspections and Reports
  • Budgetary Financial Control
  • Insurance arrangements and Claim Handling
  • Any other Technical assistance that a ship owner may require



New build and conversion

We provide clients with a flexible solution for new building and conversion projects from pre-contract feasibility stage through to delivery, acceptance and guarantee claim stages. Having taken delivery of several of our own new build vessels, we are uniquely qualified to understand the ship owner’s perspective and deliver targeted solutions.

Inspections and audits

We specialise in inspections like pre-vetting and pre-purchase. We can provide experienced auditors to conduct safety audits, navigation audits and support internal/external audit requirements.

On board training

In response to growing demand for on board training services, we provide competent trainers to re-train seafarers, as needed, with regards to the operation of critical equipment, execution of high-risk tasks, and contingency measures.