Western Shipping is delighted to announce the delivery of the Dual Fuel “LPG/C Sifnos Lady” from HMD, South Korea on 08 October 2021.

The Owners started this project from detailed research including Yard Evaluation, Design, Agreement, Plan Approval, Site Team supervision, commissioning and coordination meetings throughout till vessel delivery to our management.

The entire team concerned, participated actively in HAZID/HAZOP Exercise to provide inputs for this newbuilding basis vast experience on LPG.

About the Vessel

LPG/C Sifnos Lady is a specialised Mid-Size Dual Fuel LPG Carrier with prominent facts as following:

  • First Dual Fuel LPG for the Owner “Byzantine Maritime Gas (BMG)”.
  • First Dual Fuel LPG under Technical Management of “Western Shipping Pte Ltd”.
  • Second Dual Fuel LPG across the globe constructed and delivered from Hyundai MIPO Dockyard, Ulsan.

Sustainable Development


The idea behind this innovative technology was to move towards energy efficiency improvement thereby, reducing carbon, sulphur and nitrogen oxides emissions.

Safety, Quality and Environment

The Company Safety Management System is derived basis ISM Code, ISO 14001:2015, requirements of the Flag Administration and best industry practices.

In 2020, the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) for the Company was “Zero (0)” as compared with tanker industry reported as 0.34. Same goes for Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) being “Zero (0)” as compared with tanker industry reported as 0.84.

Phenomenal Environmental Benefits

The need for a new range of engine technology platforms urged due to the rising costs of fuel for operation within stricter shipping and environmental regulations in the marine market. These new technologies enable vessels to run on alternative fuels, which offer enhanced environmental benefits at reduced cost.

Coordination amongst design, operations and technical divisions, the classification society, engine manufacturer, LPG fuel supply system maker, and shipyard has lead for this design complying with NOx Tier III and EEDI Phase 3 requirements, even when burning conventional fuel.

When LPG is used as the primary fuel, the further reduction in emissions is remarkable

  • Almost Zero SOx emissions using LPG as fuel
  • NOx (~83%) emission reduction though HP Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for the M/E and LP Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for the A/Es
  • 13% less CO2 emissions to reach the 2050 IMO GHG targets
  • 90% reduction in particulate matter compared to FO

Team Ashore & Onboard

Over the past 2 years, Gas Carrier Expertise was built up at Western Shipping shore team, covering all departments whether be it Technical or Operations and with “Safety & Quality” being the priority.

LPG team ashore was fully involved in onboard crew recruitment to ensure robust crew selection process.

Trainings such as Maker specific training on LPG Fuel Supply System (LFSS) and Liquid gas injection dual-fuel engine (ME-LGIP) were planned and organized for both LPG Team ashore and onboard Crew.


The prevailing COVID 19 restrictions posed obvious difficulties, however with the coordination between Owners/Managers, site teams, shipyard and equipment makers, the project was completed seamlessly.

Owners and Western Shipping Family congratulate all Crew and the entire team involved in the success of this vessel delivery process.

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