Western Shipping Safety Seminar – 12 Sep 2019 – Riga


Venue: Radisson Hotel, Old Town Riga
Date: 12th Sept 2019
Slogan: Safety is not a slogan; it is a way of life / Go green and eliminate global warming


Invitation was extended to all East European officers working in Western Shipping fleet. Travel and accommodation facilities were arranged for the officers visiting from locations other than Riga.
The seminar was organized for seafarers working on our tankers. Common topics were introduced as necessary.
Attendance on 12th September comprised of 19 officers.

Western Shipping Pte Ltd (WSP) was represented by:
– Capt Belal Ahmed / General Manager
– Capt Rukshan Vohra / Fleet Personnel Manager
– Capt Unnikrishnan M.N / Operations Manager

Hanza Marine Management was represented by:
– Aleksandrs Potjomkins / Head of Tanker crew operations


The Radisson Hotel, Old Town Riga, was utilized for conducting the seminar on the 12th September. Attendance was 19 participants, including senior and junior officers. Refreshments and lunch was provided during the course of the seminar.

Contents of the seminar

The Seminar was opened by WSP General Manager, Capt Belal Ahmed. Topics later discussed were as per the above agenda. Good interaction between presenter and attendees was noted during all presentations.

Feedback forms were collected from attendees and collated in order to incorporate improvements next year.

In the evening, 5 year, 10 year and 15 year Long service awards were given to our seafarers by the Owner.

General feedback received indicated the seminar to be a success. All arrangements made were impeccable. Punctuality was maintained throughout the seminar by the attendees. Interactive exercises, including Risk Assessment played an important part in improving the overall seminar.

Capt Rukshan Vohra
Fleet personnel Manager
Western Shipping Pte Ltd

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