Western Shipping Safety Webinar – 25-26 Oct 2022

Venue: Zoom Platform – WSP Conference Room

Date: 25-26 Oct 2022

Slogan: Make Safety A Reality


Invitation was extended to all East European officers and senior ratings working in Western Shipping fleet. All seafarers attended the webinar via zoom call. WSP staff Panellists presented through zoom call at the Singapore WSP conference room. HMM and AESM staff attended through zoom call at their respective offices. Invitation was also extended to representatives from Marine Benefits, LR and MTI for an external perspective for the seafarers.

The webinar was organized for seafarers working on our fleet of Oil/Chemical/LPG. The topics were introduced as necessary, with specific emphasis on safety matters and recent updates within the fleet. This enabled targeted presentations relevant to the vessels being served.

For the fleet, attendance comprised of 19 seafarers.


Western Shipping Pte Ltd (WSP) was represented by:

  • Capt Belal Ahmed / General Manager
  • Capt Hemant Arora / HSQE Compliance Manager
  • Capt Unnikrishnan M. N. / Operations Manager (Tanker) / Alt. CSO
  • Capt. Karni Singh Rathore / Operations Manager (Gas) / CSO
  • Capt Rukshan Vohra / Fleet Personnel Manager
  • Prem Babu Balachandran Pillai / Technical Superintendent
  • Narayanan V. S. / IT Manager

External Parties:

  • Mr Andrew Leahy – MTI
  • Mr Brijesh Tewari – LR
  • Ms. Rebecca Jane Mejia – Marine Benefits


The Seminar was opened by WSP General Manager, Capt Belal Ahmed. Topics later discussed were as per the above agenda. All participants submitted their queries using the chat function of Zoom. A summary of all questions was made, and responses provided at the end of the seminar.



Feedback was collected from all attendees and collated using the application MentiMeter in order to incorporate improvements next year.

General feedback received indicated the seminar to be a success. All arrangements made were appreciated. Punctuality was maintained throughout the webinar by the attendees.

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