Privacy Policy - Declaration

Western Shipping South East Asia Inc. Manila is a subsidiary of Western Shipping Pte Ltd. Singapore and complies with policies adopted by Western Shipping Pte Ltd. hereinafter known as WESTSHIP. Consequently the following privacy policy is applicable collectively to both organizations.


WESTSHIP respects privacy of all employees and other personnel, who shares personal data in good faith while seeking employment and training and/or other activities like travel, insurance etc. WESTSHIP is committed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of such personal data. Personal data is the information through which a person directly or indirectly can be identified.


WESTSHIP as Data controller is the entity which determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. The personal data is processed for following purposes-

  1. Recruitment- WESTSHIP conducts recruitment activities in order to man the ships operated by WESTSHIP effectively, safely and with experienced seafarers as well as for shore based offices to implement effective management system in support of the fleet. During the process of recruitment, prospective candidate needs to provide a CV containing email address, phone numbers and other personal information as requested to understand suitability of the candidate. For personnel employed on board or ashore personal information will be retained for the period of employment and two years after last day of working. For personnel, who have provided personal information, but not employed shall be notified and personal information will be destroyed after one year since last communication.
  2. Other businesses- WESTSHIP may require additional personal information to arrange insurance coverage or to facilitate travel arrangements. Only essential information shall be sought and stored, with consent from the employees. Another purpose may include exchange or transfer of information from WESTSHIP to other interested parties. In such cases, except regulatory authorities, for other business partners WESTSHIP shall conduct a due diligence and under a duty of confidentiality to WESTSHIP, which has undertaken to keep such information confidential, prior releasing personal information. In all other cases, information shall be transferred only with consent from the person or persons, whose personal information is needed by an external party. In all cases, only the relevant information shall be transferred exclusively for the purpose it is being requested.


Personal information protection is taken very seriously by WESTSHIP. Through continuous market research, WESTSHIP implements appropriate security measures relevant to the contemporary technology to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, copying, theft, alteration and disclosure. Within the organization, access to personal information is restricted to personnel, who have legitimate need for such access. WESTSHIP regularly briefs and trains all employees to promote awareness on our policy with regards to personal information.

Notwithstanding, WESTSHIP does not guarantee, warrant or represent that personal information you provide will be transmitted securely over internet or protected against interception. WESTSHIP accepts no liability or responsibility for loss, misuse or alteration of information transmitted over public network.


DPO is the person, who is responsible with existing data protection acts, monitors compliance, conducts internal audits to assess data protection abilities, provides training to other staff on this subject, conducts impact assessment and first point of contact for supervisory authorities and individuals, whose data is being protected.


Narayanan V.S, MMS & IT, Office phone: +65 6202 7333, Mob: +65 9660 3530, email: [email protected]

If you have any questions about processing of your personal information, please contact our DPO.

Your rights

You have the right

  1. To check if WESTSHIP holds personal data about you and to have access to such data.
  2. To instruct WESTSHIP to correct or delete any personal data, which you deem appropriate.
  3. To lodge a complaint with appropriate national data protection agencies, if your concerns are not addressed adequately.