Transas Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

Within our Manila training center, there is the TRANSAS LCHS 5000 TechSim, LNG Membrane, LPG, Liquid Crude Carrier and Product/Chemical Tanker Simulator. The simulator models Liquid Crude Carriers, Product Oil/Chemical Tankers as well as Liquefied Gas Carriers.

The simulator models are based on real-time programming, thus enabling replication of the dynamic behavior of Cargo Handling Systems and their parameters, while interacting with associated sub-systems.

The trainees will experience a ‘hands-on’ approach to the control of Loading, Discharging and care of Liquid Cargoes, as well as the associated emergency and troubleshooting scenarios, thereby accruing and appreciating the knowledge, understanding and proficiencies required of a ‘Tanker-Man’.